Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Personified meditation

Hello friends,

Like a doe who plays in the soft grass, I have returned, delicately trotting the boundaries of the human condition. I need milk, so I find my mother's teat. It's engorged with sweet protein. I suck until I am full. I somersault and my spine shivers from the cold dew collecting on my fur.
Suddenly, my sphincter spasms. I quickly grasp it's contents with my diaphragm. I struggle to keep hold of the cliff's edge as I slowly tiptoe to seclusion. So much sweet milk ready to burst from my anus. Ahh, sweet sanctuary. I let go of the cliff's edge:

Falling through the air.
I am a baby deer shitting my milk out.

I slowly prop myself up on my wobbly limbs. I am empty. I look behind and see mother's milk is now brown. Confused, I trot closer. I explore with my cotton candy tongue. Bleh, it's different.

I race back to mother to suckle and replenish.

I am a baby deer shitting my milk out.

baby deer and milk