Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Entry

I am bored at work a lot.

I thought maybe i can translate that boredom into productivity or thoughtfulness. Now, i know for a fact that nobody wants to read my thoughtfulness so i thought that i would make an incentive to read my thoughts. Music downloads? I was thinking of making a blog called 'my dad's record collection.' I have inherited a number of records from my father and i was thinking that it could be cool to offer my opinions on an obscure records and then let you sample the music for yourself. Sound good? I thought so. Consequently, in between downloads you could read what i have to say or follow links that i thought were interesting, and then i could become all preachy up the ass. Sound good? good. I need to find some water colors to start painting in my water color sketch book. Will my office supply close have them? No they didn't have water colors in my office's supply closet.

The coolest things they have my office's supply closet are:
  • Double Sided Scotch Tape (or DSST as i like to call it)
  • Blank cassette tapes and a cassette recorder or two(For attorneys to dictate thoughts/documents and have their secretaries type it up)
  • Sharpies!
  • Organizational binder dividers available in numbers or letters, these really are cool if you like to organize documents, pictures, photos in a binder or in batch staple group.
  • And thats about it

More to come...