Friday, January 30, 2009

Fiberous poop

My cheeks tighten and I am casually aware of the need to drop a deuce. No rush here, I can already feel that this will be a clean poop. Whistling, i enter the bathroom sanctuary, and see it is all mine. I embrace the cold porcelain with my cheeks and proceed on my own terms.
A large brown snake drops from it's hole. Little moisture is present and that is a very good thing. It is always a burden when the snake sheds some of its skin and leaves remnants around it's hiding place. Not this time, thank god! My poo is dry and my anus lips are moist. I could not ask for a better excretion.
The whole process last no more than then 10 seconds. I reach for toilet paper, but i know I will not need it. I wipe, and my hypothesis is confirmed: no brown kisses for my underwear today! I close my eyes to relish the moment. MMMMMMMMMMM

Tomorrow, if i poo this well, I will not bother to wipe.