Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In Regards to Poop

You know how you go through elementary school and eventually high school institutions and the Boy's bathrooms are always god awful? And do you also know how you are never the one to make the mess!? Who makes that mess ? Well let me tell you, this type of pattern is not isolated to schools, it continues in the work world's men's bathrooms.

What's up dudes? Are men incapable of taking a shit and not smearing it all over a bathroom stall? Is there some sort of primordial instinct for messyness triggered in men when they feel the lips of their ass hole ripple and dance against a brown behemoth? I can't be the only guy blessed with a precision accented butt hole.

I don't work with nincompoops either. Some of these men who seemingly hover over the toilet and shit on the seat charge $400-$500/hour for their services. If only the clients knew their shitting etiquette, then they couldn't demand such high prices. Because doesn't it always come down to our shitting etiquette?

One last thing, am i the only one that sticks around to make sure that my business goes down when i flush? We can't all be so naive to assume that one flush is all it takes. For example: Just this morning, a previous poo tenant of the handicap stall must've drank bean and spinach smoothies for dinner because he stained the toilet water a dark yellow and left several floating mucus membranes for me to flush. Seriously, you thought a liquid mess like that was gonna go away in one flush ? COME ON!

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Brian Martinez said...

i don't know why, but this is funny!