Friday, April 25, 2008

Did my dad poo his pants at Amoeba?

me: Can i tell you something that you have to keep secret?
10:26 AM Ann: i guess
10:27 AM me: last night at Amoeba
my dad had to go to the bathroom really bad
Ann: haha
10:28 AM me: so he went over to mcdonalds
and then he came back
Ann: is that the secret?
me: and said it was way too fucking dirty to go in there
so we left and got into the car to drive home
he asked me to drop him off in front of the house so he could go to the bathroom
10:29 AM i couldn't cause the house key was in the ignition
so i parked the car in our spot
and then he had to make a stop at his car to grab his suitcase
Ann: he pood outside
me: keep in mind this was before they decided they were gonna spend the night
10:30 AM so i just figured he needed his suit case to give me a present
so he gets inside and uses the toilet
i'm watching tv and he's in the sink area bathroom
after using the toilet of course
Ann: uh oh
me: then i hear him start the bath tub
10:31 AM Ann: he pood his pants?
me: 20 mins later he comes out with a new outfit
i dunno
Ann: or did he pee his pants?
me: it's weird no matter what
Ann: maybe he just changed
me: i hope so
Ann: he probably pood his pants
10:32 AM me: ack!
Ann: you didnt ask?
10:33 AM me: I asked what he was doing after he came out
and he said "oh, just cleaning up."
10:34 AM Ann: yikes
maybe he needs diapers
10:35 AM me: SHUTup
10:36 AM Ann: that will be your fate
10:37 AM he probably had runny diarrea that went down his leg
me: yeah
To be fair though,
I didn't smell it on the Drive home or in the store
or during the walk to the car
10:40 AM Ann: he had travelled all day. he probably just wanted to change
me: yeah
10:41 AM Ann: what are you eating for lunch?
10:42 AM me: Vag
10:43 AM Ann: that's not very filling
do you wanna go running right after work?
me: maybe


Jack said...

hmm, i think it runs in the family...

(yes, this is shameless self promotion)

Ann said...

oh great killian i'm sure your dad will appreciate this one. So, thinking about writing about a different topic anytime soon?