Friday, March 27, 2009

Poo nornalization: The Moralization of Poo

Funny. The road to the normalization of poo. I really don't understand why the people in this sketch are so weirded out.

Phase 1: Understanding that pooing into your hand is normal and everyone should accept that. Phase 2: Understanding that pooing in front of people is OK. Phase 3: Replace or append words in the english language with "poo." Or simply understand everything in life in regards to poo and how poo is connected.

example: "There are many goats on the hillside over there. Do you think they stay on that hillside their entire life?"

CHANGE TO: There are many poogoatspoo on the hillpoo over there. Do you think they stay on that hillpoo their entire poolife?

Go forth! Spread the gos-poo-el!

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