Friday, September 5, 2008

A familiar pressure

2 cups of coffee this AM and 90 minutes later i felt a familiar pressure in the deep reaches of my anus. The fecal gods were urging me to visit the restroom. I obliged.
The poo was fast to leave and consisted of one solid piece. It was light brown, the color of efficiency and hope. Like sex, i stuck around the toilet for a while to really meditate on the euphoria surging to all parts of my body. This was a splendid poo, in fact this may have been a poop to be marveled.
The product wasn't big, nor an example of perfection; but the actual process, the very act of pushing the poo through my anus lips was the true marvel to behold. The abundant beauty in life surely warms the most frigid souls. Why does aggression, despair and greed exist against a backdrop of so much splendor? If man has created god, then surely we are capable of grander achievements.
Upon my return to my desk, I grab another cup of coffee. I must relive this miracle again and again. The magnificence of man will surely surpass his blunders.

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rammstew said...

Poetry, sheer poetry. I hope everyone recognizes that this is art.