Thursday, March 20, 2008


Well, I have returned from a vacation in New Orleans, which you may not have known if this blog was the only window into my life. But for some reason i bet you knew. Fun was had, more updates on that later.
Today is bagel Thursday at my work. I had a raisin bagel with reduced fat plain cream cheese. I only had a $20 bill in my wallet so i did not spend the $1.25 on orange juice. Coffee is free, so i drank that and i'm getting ready to poo.
Speaking of poo, i am getting back on my "pooing at work in the morning schedule." I have trained myself to poo only at work and not waste precious leisure time at home pooing in my toilet there. Of course on weekends i like to poo at home. Making the trip to work merely to poo there on a saturday morning sounds like a burden and silly ninnery.

Anyways, couple of links of interest. Well just one for now:


awesome animation from the 1970's

It was a collaboration between French and Czechoslovakian animators. It's psychedelic, sexual and violent. The music is amazing, and the animation is very still, not too kinetic, possessing qualities a future flash animator like myself can study. The music is awesome! Best of all, the movie is available in 9 parts on YouTube.


I'll assume a hero like you will know how to fish for the other 8 parts. Let me know if you want the soundtrack.


Ann said...

Fantastic planet is great; I like this post babe.

cleanmypatio said...

dont ever take a later shift. i did and it threw my whole poo schedule for a loop. now i have to poo first thing when i wake up every day. no way am i dragging that shit all the way across the bay in the morning. its way too urgent. so i have to sit down and shit away my precious mornings.cody