Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The day is Tuesday

The days are getting longer and sunnier and i am getting excited for some nice weather to facilitate some outdoor activities.

Well since this blog seems to be about anything, let me tell you about my weekend:

It was all around uneventful. Jack had birthday party at a restaurant (it's my belief that birthday parties belong in houses) and it was delightful. Jack gave the restaurant 3 stars on yelp. Was it deserving? Only god knows for sure, but i'd probably give it 4 stars because it is what it is and GOD would want it that way.

I've decided to put a signature mark on my email, so those recipients in my life will know the real me. What's your thought on email signatures? I think it's a neat idea but i'd rather put an html image tag in there and have a funny picture be my signature:

...which you can't do in gmail.

Went to Santa Rosa on Saturday...
it was boring. There is something about Santa Rosa being fun when friends are in town, but when it's just you and hanging out in your parent's house, it can be pretty boring. So i was thinking of starting a business where you can rent a group of friends to hang out with in your hometown. I'll start in Santa Rosa, but perhaps the idea can take off nationally. Next stop Rohnert Park, Windsor and potentially Fulton.

Sunday, Dolores Park. What a cluster fuck of my generation. I don't think my generation will bring much change to society.

Hey look everyone, Jack is a gay rod:

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